Sunday, 19 August 2012

When people don't want you to succeed

I have recently been thinking and this is what I came up with. People do not want you to succeed because it makes them feel bad. Its ok if you are an olympic athlete but if you are someone they know then they don't want you to succeed. Is this being negative? No, it is just being honest to the reality of the ego. We live in a loveless world where the only love we see is fake love.Fake love everywhere being poured out like theres no tommorrow - and the worst thing is we fall for it!

Just by writing this it is making me feel better, like the honesty is falling out onto the page without restriction and without care. I am really not writing this thinking about my keyword research or what phrase I should sneek in on the top left of this script to get better search engine results - screw that!

I guess if there is a key message of this post it would be to accept the world for how it is and don't put the rose tinted glasses on - only then can real healing begin

Peace, Mark